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        Principal Officers

        Chancellor Dr. Liu Chak Wan
        President Chair Prof. Liu Liang
        Vice President Dr. Tong Ka Lok
        Vice President Chair Prof. Jiang Zhi Hong
        Vice President Prof. Pang Chuan
        Vice President Prof. Lin Zhi Jun
        Vice President Mr. Kwong Ying Wa
        University Librarian Prof. Dai Long Ji
        Director, School of Continuing Studies Mr. Kwong Ying Wa
        Dean, Faculty of Information Technology Prof. Zhang Du
        Dean, School of Business Prof. Lin Zhi Jun
        Executive Vice Dean, Faculty of Law Prof. Fang Quan
        Dean, Faculty of Chinese Medicine Chair Prof. Liu Liang(Concurrent)
        Dean, Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management Prof. Goh Kok Beng
        Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Arts Prof. Zhang Zhi Qing
        Dean, Faculty of Medicine Prof. Manson Fok
        Dean, University International College Prof. Sun Jian Rong
        Director, School of Pharmacy Chair Prof. Zhu Yi Zhun
        Dean, School of Graduates Studies Prof. Pang Chuan (Concurrent)
        Director, State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicines
        Chair Prof. Liu Liang(Concurrent)
        Director, Macau Institute for Applied Research in Medicine and Health
        Chair Prof. Jiang Zhi Hong(Concurrent)
        Director, The Institute for Sustainable Development Associate Prof. Liu Cheng Kun
        Director, Institute for Social and Cultural Research Prof. Lin Guang Zhi
        Director, Space Science Institute Chair Prof. Zhang KeKe
        Director, State Key Laboratory of Lunar and Planetary Sciences Chair Prof. Zhang KeKe(Concurrent)
        Director, Macau Institute of System Engineering Prof. Wu Nai Ji
        Director, Macau Environmental Research Institute Prof. Ma Yi Bing